Interested in contributing your time, talents, & energy to the a cappella community?

You’ve come to the right place!

As a not-for-profit organization, CASA relies heavily on the dedication of volunteers for the success of all of our programs and projects. The Board of Directors, Program Managers, Ambassadors and other leaders all donate countless hours of time to keep the organization moving. However, there are many other people in the a cappella community that contribute to the high quality and sustainability of many of CASA’s offerings.

Volunteers take on tasks of varying skill and commitment level and we would love to match you with your ideal project. Most projects are virtual and can be completed from just about anywhere in the world. Others require a specific location or attendance at one of our many events.

If you’re specifically interested in volunteering for an event, read through our FAQs below.

Submit your application below and our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you with additional information.

How do I become a volunteer for a CASA event?
Easy! You can become a volunteer for a CASA sponsored event simply by sending an email to virginia@casa.org that expresses your interest in volunteering. Please be sure to specify at which event you would like to volunteer. Also, I utilize our CASA volunteer database to reach out for volunteers needed for internal and festival purposes. To be entered into our official CASA volunteer database please complete this form.

Can my friend volunteer?
Sure. Have your friend send me an email and follow the same process as all other volunteers.

Do I need to be a CASA member to volunteer?
No, but I strongly encourage you to become a member. Click here for more info.

Do I need a cappella experience to volunteer?
Not necessary but may help in decreasing shock value. (You’ll see) :)

What kind of volunteer duties are there?
It varies from event to event. It could be anything from food set up/clean up to ushering, to photography, to transportation.

How are duties assigned?
Duties are assigned one of two ways. I keep an updated schedule of all the volunteer duties including timing, location, and other information needed. Once you have expressed interest in volunteering at the festival, I will share this schedule with you and you can sign up for any and all duties you are interested in helping out with (make sure they don’t conflict with anything else you are doing). Or, you and I can talk offline about potential duties for you to complete. You will always play an active role in the decision making process around your volunteer duties.

Is there anything I can volunteer to do before the festival weekend?

Possibly. To get more info about the possibilities of this, please email me and let me know and I will pass your interest along to the production team.

Do I need to buy a pass for the festival?
Yes. You must purchase an All Access Pass to be eligible to volunteer at a CASA festival. Also, please be aware that “Early Bird” prices for passes are only available for a limited time so I encourage you to purchase your passes as early as you can to avoid a price increase. (Please note that if your AAP has not been purchased at least one month prior to the festival, your volunteer eligibility may be compromised.) Volunteers who complete all of their agreed upon duties are eligible for *at least* a 25% reimbursement once the festival is over.

How do I get my reimbursement?
After the festival, I will pass along all eligible volunteers’ email addresses, last names, and a link to your CASA profile (if applicable) to Steve, our treasurer and Shane, our Eventbrite manager and you will either receive your reimbursement through the means by which you purchased your AAP, or through PayPal.

What is expected of me when I am not completing my volunteer duties?
Whenever you are not actively assisting with volunteer duties, you are free to enjoy all that the festival has to offer…do it!

Is there a dress code?
That depends. If there are any special dress requirements, they will be noted in the “notes” section of the volunteer schedule.

What is the transportation situation?
You will be responsible for providing your own transportation to and from venues. It is best to coordinate this with someone ahead of time.

Who can I contact if I am confused?
For duties that are likely to need more support than others, I will note (in the notes section of the schedule) who you should contact should any questions/issues arise. However, any volunteer is free to contact me at any time with any questions or issues. 828-989-3526.

Any perks?
Sure! Not only is volunteering a great way to meet people, network, and potentially gain inside access to certain aspects of the event, but you will also be provided with certain meals throughout the day (noted in the “notes” section of the volunteer schedule). Additionally, for those volunteers who we feel have gone above and beyond what was expected of them, there MAY be an extra incentive offered once the festival is complete. This could come in the form of an honorarium, future festival pass discounts, etc. 

What do I need from you?

-Your full name, phone number, email address, and link to your CASA profile (if applicable).
-When you will be arriving/leaving the location of the festival.
-Will you have a car?
-What is your overall availability during the festival. Any conflicts or prior engagements?
-Where will you be staying during the festival?
-Do you have any food allergies or dietary needs?
-Do you have any special skills or qualifications that you feel would benefit this festival?

*Please note that as the volunteer needs change, the process may change with it. Hopefully this outline gives you a better idea of what to expect as a CASA volunteer and know that any major changes that may or may not affect your participation will always be communicated with you ahead of time. And as always, feel free to email virginia@casa.org for more info or any questions you may have. Thanks!