Friday, October 19, 2012 7:30 PM

Logan Center for the Performing Arts, University of Chicago
915 East 60th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

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  •   After Dark (Washington University)
  •   Bare Naked Statues (St. Louis University)
  •   Enchantments (University of Minnesota)
  •   Stereotypes (Washington University)
  •   The Ransom Notes (University of Chicago)
  •   X-Factors (Northwestern University)

Hosted by:

Voices in Your Head, University of Chicago Men in Drag, University of Chicago


Six Appeal


Six Appeal began as a collegiate hobby. In 2006, the founding members decided to start singing together at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. It was a diversion from studies, fun with friends, and yes, maybe a way to break the ice with girls. Within three years, those college freshmen were performing concerts around campus, winning a cappella competitions, and touring around the Midwest. By their senior year, they realized that when you have a good thing going with your best friends, you stick with it. In 2010, Six Appeal moved their home base to Minneapolis in order to turn hobby into passion. They began touring the country, delivering electrifying performances and teaching a new generation about a cappella with their curriculum-based Educational Experience. The Six Appeal roster now includes musicians from all walks of life, yet the young men continue to make friends and find fans where ever they travel. Recently, they were crowned the 2012 National Harmony Sweepstakes Champions.

Six Appeal is: Jordan Roll, Michael Brookens, Trey Jones, Nathan Hickey, Reuben Hushagen, Andrew Berkowitz


Competition Format

Song One: Vivacity

vi·vac·i·ty [vi-vas-i-tee, vahy-] noun, plural vi·vac·i·ties
1. the quality or state of being vivacious.
2. liveliness; animation; sprightliness: a people noted for their vivacity.

We want to kick-start the competition with an energy and vibrance! The first song is your opportunity to show us your best moves. Dazzle the judges with thoughtful choreography, or put your acting skills to the test. In this round your songs should be up-tempo, with lively arrangements. This is your chance to make us dance, as well as establish your group as ‘the one to beat’ early in the evening.

Song Two: Duality

du·al·i·ty [dü-ˈa-lə-tē] noun
 1. The quality or character of being twofold; dichotomy.
 2. Being twofold; a classification into two opposed parts or subclasses; "the dichotomy between eastern and western culture"

There are two sides to every story, and we want yours. For this number, we want to see the classic battle between Good and Evil unfold on stage. Be creative and make sure the judges see your nice (or naughty) side.

Song 3: Immortality

im·mor·tal·i·ty  [im-awr-tal-i-tee] noun
1. immortal condition or quality; unending life.
2. enduring fame.

Following intermission, the third and final round will be reserved for the three groups with the highest scores from the first half of the competition. The finalists will be announced in the beginning of the second half of the show, and the three groups will be asked to immediately perform one final song. This is the time to hit us with your most impressive piece; your last chance to show the judges (and audience!) that you are truly masters of your craft. This number should be flashy, technical, and epic. It should earn you immortality in the aca world.




Kathy Hoye
Born in London & raised in Los Angeles, Kathy is a professional singer, writer, arranger, and member of the band Sonos (singing alto & bass). An experimental musician her whole life, Kathy loves discovering new music, and has studied many different kinds from big band jazz arranging to classical flute. She studied jazz composition and vocal performance at Berklee College of Music, and received her degree in Ethnomusicology from UCLA with a concentration in jazz studies. Since graduating, Kathy has been busy recording & touring with Sonos, whose most recent and exciting endeavor is their (almost complete!) album of original music, to be released later on this year.


Charlie Friday
Currently, Charlie is a member of the professional educational group, Snowday, which recently embarked on a tour of Russia, as well as performing for the National Christmas Tree lighting at the White House. He is also member and director of the Washington, DC-based CAL group, Euphonism, which performed at the London A Cappella Festival in 2012. Charlie has coached, judged and taught at many festivals, workshops and competitions across the country, both a cappella-specific and choral, and is an accomplished arranger, having worked on songs for various ensembles worldwide. He is also an experienced live sound and studio engineer, and along with Amanda Cornaglia Aldag, owns and operates Clear Harmonies Productions in Maryland, with whom he has received 4 CARA nominations.


Danny Ozment
Danny Ozment grew up in Richmond, VA and began his a cappella career at James Madison University where he founded Exit 245 and received a Bachelors degree in Music Education and a Masters degree in Conducting. Along the way he has taught all forms of choral music at the elementary, secondary, collegiate, and professional levels. In 2004 he became the Assistant Conductor of the Master Chorale of Washington and in 2008 joined the staff of the Cathedral Choral Society at the National Cathedral as Director of External Programs. In 2009, Danny started Emerald City Productions, an a cappella production company based in Springfield, VA offering recording, editing, mixing, coaching, and arranging services. He has served as a CASA Ambassador since 2009.