Introducing the ACF 2013 Keynote Speaker

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by Matt Woodward

Let’s take a quick poll: Who wants to sing in a terrible, non-functional a cappella group?

This is one of my favorite questions to ask my “hard to teach” students. It flips them on their head, and makes them realize that they actually should listen to the teacher and try the “crazy stuff” like blending, standing with good posture, and singing the right notes. In our own a cappella groups, we often get caught in cycles of failure, mostly because we don’t get started in the right way.

This year is going to be different.

Our goal at AcappellaFest 2013 is to point you and your group on the path to success. Our classes, instructors, and clinicians will help you experience your best year ever. More musicality, better arrangements, and truly meaningful choreography will become a standard rather than a luxury. We want to pull you out of the rut of bad rehearsals and help you make the most from your year.

With this goal in mind, we present our keynote speaker: Michael Eldredge. Michael is The A Cappella Photographer. His photos SING. When you look at his pictures, the full sound and emotion of the moment rush at you from your screen. His class, Seeing Music, is a game changer for anyone on the stage. Not only does he show you what emotion physically looks like, he creates new ways for your body to feel and convey the music. After working with Michael, your first desire is to get on stage and try out the new shiny toys of knowledge that he left you with. He’s like the Santa of stage presence. It’s no surprise that Michael is one of the most sought after clinicians in the country. If your group is lucky enough to work with Michael at ACF, you can expect to have your life changed in a few short minutes.

The ACF team and CASA are honored to have Michael present the keynote address at ACF. With this address, he will be able to help every person in attendance. In addition, he will set the bar for future keynote speakers at CASA festivals. Before we watch the six groups selected for the showcase, Michael will share his wisdom and help to guide all of us in a healthy direction.

Let’s do one more quick poll: Who wants to sing well, inspire others, and be a part of an amazing a cappella group?

With the hand that you haven’t raised, click this link, and I’ll see you in Chicago.


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