Competition Prizes Announced

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Dear Skeptical but Curious A Cappella Group(s),

With all forms of social media telling you to “register to compete” and “submit your group videos by Sept. 21st”, what actually happens when you are selected to compete at AcappellaFest 2012? Better yet… what happens if your group places 3rd, 2nd or 1st overall? Here’s what you get:

3rd Place:

• 10%-15% discount on ACF 2013*

2nd Place:

• 2nd pick on Masterclass facilitators**
• 25% discount on ACF 2013*
• 50% discount on 1 year CASA membership

1st Place:

• 1st pick on Masterclass Facilitators**
• 50% discount on ACF 2013*
• Participation in Collaborative Recording
• 75% discount on 1-year CASA membership

So with all of these incentives, why wouldn’t you apply? Your group could be selected. Your group could win. And your group could get essential musical guidance from the best in the business. Who wouldn’t want to record alongside Sonos and The Edge Effect and other cool aca-celebs? Someone who’s boring, that’s who.

Still haven’t applied yet? WELL THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


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